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Notes from Writer/Composer Gail Phaneuf


The Love Note Musical Premiered Off Broadway in 2014, directed and choreographed by Russell Garrett.  It has since had countless productions and it has been performed by 20-year olds playing 10-year olds, 16-year olds playing 10-year olds, and (of course) 10-year olds playing 10-year olds.  It is a musical set in a fantasy school where everything is larger than life.  That time of life when we all envision experiences beyond large and important. Friends, clothes, family, relationships, status – every interaction - all crucial to our survival of Middle School.  


This milestone time in life finds us parting with imaginary childhood friends, making room for budding new friendships at school. When the Lunch Lady says that some of the kids are nine going on ten and some are ten going on 45, she is making a universal observation. Kids grow up in diverse ways, often at their own pace.  Some are forced to relinquish their rich fantasy life because of real life problems and needs, and some are allowed to stretch their imaginary life a bit longer.  Either way, they all need help, advice, encouragement and love growing up, and if that comes from your imaginary friend, so be it.


The Love Note Musical has a large, flexible cast that almost entirely consists of kid-aged roles. The diverse cast of characters encompasses any race, ethnicity, gender and ability, making it a great show for schools, camps, youth theatres and community theatres.   The anti-bullying message delivers a needed opportunity for discussions and curriculum assignments about bullying.


A complete online curriculum package is hosted by the online MusicFirst platform, allowing teachers to incorporate lessons in their classroom that are based on the individual tracks from The Love Note Musical’s original score.  All lessons fully conform to Common Core standards. (see list below) Test teachers are welcome to try the curriculum with their students.  The teachers using this curriculum currently have chosen to use it every year in their classes with fourth, fifth and sixth graders and report great success for all.


What has struck me each and every time I see the show performed is each experiencing extraordinary FUN.  The students love the music and the joy and the message.  I hope your production of The Love Note is memorable and PACKED WITH LOVE!


Enjoy the Show!

Miles Square Theatre Love Note Productio
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