1. Walk, Don’t Run – Hands on Activity establishing “Rules” and discussing the importance of having rules, following the rules and consequences when rules get broken.

  2. My Name is Brittany/ Jessie – Our Name is our identity. Students will create a work of art out of their names and will discuss the importance of self respect and respect for others. (Math & Optical Art Integration).

  3. Bookworms – Vocabulary Lesson (Language Arts Integration). Students will categorize vocabulary with bullying and anti-bullying.

  4. White Patent Leather Shoes – How do clothes impact students? (Art Integration) Discussion and Art project dealing with personal style.

  5. The Love Note – Writing Activity (Language Arts Integration) Students will explore their own emotions while writing their own “love notes”.

  6. Very Imaginary – Writing and Illustrating (Art and Language Arts Integration). Students will imagine their own perfect “friend”. They will produce an artistic image and write down personality traits for their “friend”.

  7. We Are Chefs! - Introducing students to multi-cultural dishes and ethnic foods. Appreciation for our culture. Emphasis will fall on taking pride in what they’ve made and respecting what others have created.

  8. Detention – Students will create lists of inappropriate behaviors regarding bullying and will come up with consequences for them. (Language Arts & Social Studies Integration)

  9. Girl Talk – Students will discuss the dangers of gossip. Hands on activity. (Social Studies Integration).

  10. Food Fight Comin’ – Students will learn the importance of developing effective ways to make their point in a scholarly form or argumentative essay as opposed to fighting.

  11. BONUS - sight singing and recording songs from The Love Note Musical!

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