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Jennifer Fogarty Love Note.jpg

The Love Note is an incredible experience for performers, educators, and audiences to be able to witness. It helps us look at the world through the eyes of a middle school student and understand the importance of acceptance, love, and kindness starting from a young age. I was fortunate to originate the role of Jessie in 2009 as a 21-year-old college student. Although I had already lived those terrifying, exciting, and roller coaster days as a middle schooler, the lesson of the show never gets old, no matter what age.

The Love Note brings a fantastic group of characters together with energetic song, dance, and story. It is a story that revolves around anti-bullying messaging that we can (unfortunately) relate to one way or another. The script teaches and reminds us that anti-bullying comes in all shapes and sizes and we must continue to teach the lesson of acceptance, inclusion, and diversity.

Whether you are looking to create a full production, a simple read through, or use the thorough curriculum in your theatre/camps/schools/you name it, I promise this show will make you smile, think, and want to hug it out in the end. I have seen The Love Note performed by all ages- I have heard firsthand what students/performers/teachers/directors/parents take away from it and while those all may be different, they all come back to the message of the show. It is indeed “packed with love” and I am forever grateful to have helped bring this fun, quirky, and exciting show to life!  - Jennifer Fogarty (Originated the role of Jessie in The Love Note Musical) 

Sam Harvey Love Note.jpg

The Love Note Musical was such a special show for me. First of all being able to come and do this amazing show with my wife was pretty cool in itself. Getting to come in to work and do what we love while also sharing such an incredible message with audiences was a dream. I remember one show specifically that we were performing for a sold out crowd of NYC and NJ school students and feeling so empowered to be sharing this story. It became a whole lot more than just singing, dancing, and acting. I remember feeling like if this message could prevent one less kid from being bullied, then this show could make a big difference. We worked with a group of actors and creatives who knew how important this show was and we performed our hearts out every time to try and share that joy and love. I’m so proud to have been a part of it!  - Sam Harvey (Original Off Broadway Peter in The Love Note Musical)

Brendan Cawley Love Note.jpg

The Love Note Musical was a magical experience for me as an actor, being able to play the original Airy and bring a sense of wonder and magic to the role has stayed with me years after being a part of the premiere cast. As an educator now, the music, the story and the idea of "The Love Note" lend themselves to my curriculum in a wonderful way, bringing full circle the ideas of friendship and transition to a new school, standing up for yourself and the ripple effect our choices have on others. If you have the opportunity, please give this wonderful show a try and give your kids the tools they need to be 100% authentic to themselves through Jessie's story and Gail's beautiful show! - Brendan Cawley (Originated the role of Airy in The Love Note Musical)

Justin Selig Love Note.jpg

The Love Note Musical has been a big part of my life. I originated the role of the Band bookworm during my sophomore year in college. Several years later this show was my first professional acting job when I got to do it again Off-Broadway. I ditched my un-fulfilling serving job and moved to NYC working steps away from Times Square and Broadway. It was a truly magical full-circle moment to get to do this show once more. I learned so much about acting and the business from this show. I didn't stop there, I'm currently an actor in Los Angeles having worked on Modern Family, Westworld and Strange Angel. I wouldn't be here if it weren't for the lessons I learned from Gail and The Love Note." - Justin Selig (Originated role of Band Bookworm and played a Bully Boy Off Broadway in The Love Note Musical)

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