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The Love Note Musical FAQ

Why choose The Love Note Musical for your Stage?❤    TESTIMONIALS

Family friendly show, appeals to audiences from 5 years of age up to 95!  

Everyone loves playing a kid!  (thinkYou’re a Good Man Charlie Brown, “25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee!”)  

Flexible cast size (15-70+), ​Female-heavy, Great Roles for Boys

Flexible casting -- Any age to play kids!   The Off Broadway Show was cast with ages 19-27 for the kids.

Great for High Schools to perform for the younger grades and schools (no price boost for having 17-18 year-olds)


     Cast (15 Minimum - flexible casting - it has been done with up to 70 kids!)  85 Minute Running time.


  • Jessie - The New Girl

  • Airy - Jessie's "best" friend

  • Brittany - The head Mean Girl

  • Natty, Patty, Katty - Brittany's Girls

  • Peter - Middle school heart throb

  • Adam - Head boy bully

  • Bookworms - A colorful group of outcasts

  • Bully Boys - the tough boys

  • Bully Girls - the tough girls

  • Lunch Lady - the ONLY adult in the show

  • Setting: A colorful, zany fantasy middle school and Jessie’s kitchen.


Educational value, Curriculum Package Aligned to Common Core Standards

Moral and life lessons

Anti-Bullying and Enrichment  ONLINE Common Core Curriculum companion package on the MusicFirst platform.

Fits needs for Anti-Bullying requirements for Guidance Counselors and Principals

  • Great for High Schools to perform for the younger grades and schools.


Affordable, Complete Kit (great value)

Great price as compared with Disney and MTI musicals

Turnkey online kit for scripts, music, orchestrated performance tracks, sound effects and more!


Creative ideas for casting:

Possibility for Guest Star as Principal in Detention!

Possibility for a Parent or Teacher to play the Lunch Lady

  • Features Kids

  • Large Cast (15 Min. but the show has been done with 70 kids!)

  • Roles for Teens

  • Flexible casting (race, gender etc.)

  • Female heavy and gender flexible casting (but great roles for Boys!)

  • Roles for Children

  • Room for Extras (including younger kids)

  • Strong Roles for Leading Females (Star Vehicle)

​Set, Costumes, Running Time


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